Below, you'll find some of the best inspiration and design writing we can recommend.  Check these titles out and enjoy!

"the distinctive home:  a vision of timeless design"

by jeremiah eck

A great home finds a balance between the site, the floor plan, the exterior elements, and the interior details.


"creating a new old house:  yesterday's character for today's home"

by russell versace

Inspiring examples of how you can build for today's life patterns with all the character of times past.


"Creating the not so big house:  insights and ideas for the new american home"

by sarah susanka

Examples of how effective and clever use of space can affect a home's design for the better.

"house in the landscape:  siting your home naturally"

by jermiah eck

A thoughtful relationship between the site and the design of the home makes all the difference.


"Great kitchens:  design ideas from america's top chefs"

by Whitaker | Mahoney | Jordan

Creative takes on the heart of the home with examples that will ask you to reconsider your preconceptions.


"the cabin:  inspiration for the classic american getaway"

by dale mulfinger | susan davis

Examples and inspiration from around the country for making the most of this often dearly loved home away from home.