I am occasionally greeted with blank stares of disbelief(or worse) when I respond to questions of “ballpark” project costs based on my experience.  The truth is, until you’ve worked your way through at least one(or three) home remodel projects, the actual cost of construction can be a bit of a shocker for most people.


In addition to a previous post regarding a project cost tool from Houzz.com, there is another excellent tool available to help you understand what a project that you have in mind might cost.  Remodeling Magazine has published a “Cost vs. Value 2015 Report” that is now available for reference online now.  Further, you can access the current and years past data for comparison if you like.  The data provided is gathered from and based on actual pricing of projects generated in commercially available job costing software, data provided by a market research company, and surveys conducted within the Association of Realtors.


The data you’ll find in the Cost vs. Value Report is region and metro area specific for the entire United States.  After you select and download the report, you’ll find a treasure trove of good information on average project costs for both mid-range and upscale project finish levels for just about any home remodel or addition project you can think of.  A baseline project description is also provided as a reference in comparison to the size and scope of the project you have in mind.  Further, not only is the typical project cost provided, but a figure for the value at sale and the level of cost recouped is calculated if resale is more important to you than building for your use.


Please check out this tool (at http://www.remodeling.hw.net/cost-vs-value/2015/) if you’re considering a project!  It will quickly get you on a more realistic path when it comes to aligning your dreams and your budget. 


Thanks to the Remodeling Magazine team for providing indispensable information for those considering a home remodeling project or a custom designed home…..


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