One of the first, and often the stickiest, question that comes to mind when you’re considering whether to take on that kitchen or bath project is….

“What will it cost?!”

Of course, there’s an endless list of variables that contribute to the answer to this question, examples including(but certainly not limited to):  final finish selections and the quality thereof, required changes to the “bones” of your house as a part of the project, will you upgrade your appliances, will that spa-like shower experience you dream of require a water service upgrade, and fluctuating market conditions for labor costs…to name a few.

However, the staff at has completed it’s annual survey of more than 100,000 respondents and provided some good, quick, baseline answers to our question.  The “Renovation in America:  Findings from the 2013 Houzz & Home Survey” is out and it provides the following answers, as well as much more current information related to home design, home renovation, and the pulse of the renovation market.  You can find the complete survey results here.

OK, so this is the current average baseline, measured across the country, for both a kitchen remodel and bathroom remodel.

But, what is considered the high and low end, in terms of cost, for a kitchen remodel or a bath remodel project?

Again, it’s important to remember that these are national averages, actual costs can vary widely from region to region, and the high end can be much higher than this(depending on the project’s size, goals, and quality level).  Also, with all home remodeling projects, one must reconcile needs, wants, wishes, and making a home “yours” with what the market in your neighborhood can support in terms of resale.  But, that is another discussion for another day, and historically, bath and kitchen remodeling projects hold their value very well when compared to other home improvement projects.

This leads me to one of my favorite adages on project cost carried on from one of my mentors- regardless of project type:

"Cost is always a function of quantity and quality."

Thanks to the staff at for compiling and sharing this valuable information on a topic that is often not openly discussed or shared.  I hope this helps you set goals and benchmarks for the kitchen remodeling or bath remodeling project you have in mind.  Contact gordon architecture for help in determining feasibility, defining, and designing any of these projects – the before and after transformation is endlessly rewarding.