Preparing for Permit Review, Final Pricing and Construction

The next step in the process is to move the drawings to state of detail sufficient to both gain a building permit and get it built….while meeting your expectations in terms of level of finish.

Sample construction drawing plan.

In this phase, decisions made in the previous phase are further refined, coordinated and detailed in the drawings by your architect.  All final decisions regarding interior and exterior finishes, structural systems, means of keeping the water out, insulation systems, heating/ventilation/cooling systems, window types and finishes, lighting systems, electrical layout, etc. will be determined in this phase.  This phase is primarily worked through by your architect who may need occasional input from you and your builder to confirm coordination of the specific items.

Construction Drawings include all the drawings and specifications that describe your project as we have envisioned it, and depending on the scope of your project will likely include plans, elevations, sections, material specifications, and detail drawings.  These documents are a detailed culmination of all of the decisions made prior in the process and will serve as our tools to communicate your project to the contractors and local plan review authorities.

The drawings and specifications aim for efficiency in communication, comprehensiveness, and quality.  All of these goals lead us to fewer construction issues and delays, no key aspects of your project being left unaddressed, as well as a guard against inflated construction costs due to lack of information on the drawings during final pricing.

Sample construction drawing elevation.

While the construction documents will describe your finished project in a detailed manner, it is important to also understand that they are not intended to be a complete set of instructions on how to construct your project.  Construction means, methods, techniques, sequences, procedures, and site safety precautions are responsibilities of the contractor doing the construction work.  Further, construction drawings are human artifice.  As such, a perfect set of construction drawings has not ever been produced, and some changes during construction should reasonably be expected.

With the completed Construction Drawings, your contractor can confirm project pricing previously provided and local authorities can review it for a building permit.  With both of these reviews secured, it’s on to the task of getting your project built.

For a collection of video interviews that provide another take on this phase and the design process as a whole, check out the American Institute of Architects(AIA) page on How Design Works for You.