Five Low-Cost / Big Impact Details to Consider for Your Master Closet

Detail 1:


Add a strip of continuous LED lighting to the shelf directly above your hanging clothes for some additional indirect lighting in the space.  If planned for, this is a really easy way to turn your everyday closet into something much more special.  This type of lighting will both help make the room feel bigger as it lights the far reaches of the back walls, and provide some useful light exactly where you need it.  The LED systems are nice also because they are low voltage, use very little energy, and do not get exceedingly hot while on.  Another nice feature is that you can get a dimmer to pair with the transformer powering the lights.  Bear in mind that the transformer(and a power outlet feeding it) will need to be hidden somewhere near the end of the lighting run however.  And be sure to get the “warm white” color temperature option, which will keep the light from looking cold.

Detail 2:

Add a pull-out belt holder to the side of the closet cabinetry stiles where it can inconspicuously pushed back out of site after you get your belt.  This makes good use of the space between the stile and the first hanging clothes item, and keeps your belts off of a wall elsewhere, reducing the visual clutter in your closet.

Detail 3:

Add a pull-out tie holder to the side of the closet cabinetry stiles where it can not so conspicuously be pushed back after you get your tie.  See Detail 2 above for further similar discussion on visual clutter.  This one from Hafele has a nice feature that tilts the tie hangers back such that the ties face out for easy viewing and selection.

Detail 4:

Add a pull-out rod for each member of the family using the closet.  Again, this can be anchored to a cabinetry stile where it wall not be readily visible when not in use.  This is a very helpful item if you like to pick out your outfit for the next morning when you know you won’t get your coffee before getting dressed for the day!

Detail 5:

Have a wall-mounted panel made to match your cabinetry or use the back of a door for mounting a baseball cap storage system.  This one is from “CapRack” and is a system of adjustable clips mounted to a vertical cord.  Each clip can hold two hats and has the added benefits of making it easier to find just the right hat for the occasion while it holds your hats in good shape.

So, what other closet details do you have on your wishlist or in your closet?  Let me know by submitting a comment in the form below.